Thursday, 18 January 2018

Lost Afternoon on the Uxbridge Road

Massed choirs sing in thanks to all those who came out and celebrated the old ways at last night's sold out and packed Caught by the River Mersey at The Social.  The next Caught by the River gathering at which I am honoured to be Master of Ceremonies will be a lost afternoon on the Uxbridge Road at the be-velveted old Edwardian bingo hall venue of Bush Hall on Sunday 4th February. It is there in the stolen light of a winter's afternoon where magic will be created. The Glass Aisle, who are the poet Paul Henry and the songwriter Brian Briggs of Stornaway, will perform a set most harmonious and mesmerising, Erland Cooper will perform original compositions inspired by landscape, childhood, memory and the birdlife of Orkney and Simon Fisher Turner will present his unique and haunting audio artwork 'Bergeresque' which features the recorded voices of John Berger and Tilda Swinton.  The mighty Caught by the River Poet-in-Residence Will Burns will read aloud and there will be music before, between and after from the celebrated illustrator Frances Pipe.  For all of this delight and wonder which will only be performed as a unique bill once you will get £5 change from a twenty pound note which you may fritter at the bar on a light ale or dry sherry of your choice.  Tickets are selling fast, so buy some now using the link on Caught by the River and let's get lost.