Friday, 16 March 2018

The Days When We Were So Happy and Did Not Know It

The second of a four part serial that I have written entitled 'The Days When We Were So Happy and Did Not Know It' in collaboration with my good friend the photographer Nick Fallowfield-Cooper is published in the latest issue of Fallon's Angler.  It is a story based on and inspired by the extraordinary illustrated scrapbook of the Victorian/Edwardian lady Marjorie Taylor (nee Tillard) and commences in the year 1895.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Hitch-hiking to Svangsta

Bought at Kempton this morning from a garage clearance, a pair of continental tin car number plates, for immediate sale, all enquiries via field telephone or electronic mail.  

Monday, 12 March 2018

Sheffield Songs

Tomorrow night I will be executing my duties as Master of Ceremonies at the Caught by the River Social Club in The Horse Hospital on the Colonnade in the district of Bloomsbury.  There, beneath the streets in the pit of the 18th century horse cellars Stephen Cracknell will play to and with your memory either side of David Bramwell who will present his magical odyssey 'Dead Flows the Don' and Jim Ghedi who will play songs from his new album 'Hymn From an Ancient Land'.  Doors to this magical world, which is only moments from Russell Square Underground Station, open at 7pm. There will be a cash-only bar and comfortable seating.  You may read more and obtain tickets on today's Caught by the River. We look forward to your good company.  


Thursday, 1 March 2018

The Glass Aisle

You may read my review of the poet Paul Henry's latest collection 'The Glass Aisle' on Caught by the River to coincide with its publication yesterday through Seren Books.  One of the works in the collection adapted and performed in conjunction with the songwriter Brian Briggs is also available as a recording. You may listen to a sample of three tracks here.  Paul Henry and Brian Briggs will be performing the recorded piece live at the next Caught by the River arts/nature/culture clash at The Social on Little Portland Street in the district of London known as W1 on Monday 9th April where I will be executing my duties as Master of Ceremonies.  There will also be music from Lomond Campbell and sounds from DJ Frances Castle.  We look forward to your good company.  Tickets are available here.

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Splendid Show of Fish Every Sunday Night

A permit most splendid permit dated 1902, formerly the property of a Sheffield angler arrived last week by Auden's Express, sent by my good friend the most excellent dealer Mr. Mayers.  It promises trains to Upwell, glasses of good beer and a splendid show of fish every Sunday night in Sheffield amongst other delights. 

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Caught by the River Mersey

Tomorrow, Wednesday 17th January in this the Year of the Cold Moon & Other Holy Lights 2018, I will be executing my duties as Master of Ceremonies at a night of film and wonder entitled 'Caught by the River Mersey' which will be held at The Social in the area still known as the West End of London.  The night centres around the screening of two films, "Passing Tides" directed by Roisin Burns and starring Bill Ryder-Jones followed by the 1992 cult French television documentary "You'll Never Walk Alone" directed by Evelyne Ragot and Jerome de Hissolz after which Ted Kessler will be in conversation with Roisin Burns, Bill Ryder-Jones, JD Beauvallet and Paul Fitzgerald. There will be interval music from Daisy and Diva. The night is sold out and should you be in attendance I look forward to your good company, in the meantime you may listen to a soundtrack made especially to accompany the event by Austen Harris here.