Wednesday 16 February 2011

The Tackle Maker meets The Master Barber Uptown

Occasionally in Arcadia one stumbles across an item of Vintage Fishing Tackle for the Soul and someone else immediately comes to mind along with the infamous words 'This One's got Your Name on It!' Having spent a very jolly Saturday afternoon at The Curious Comb drinking tea and having a haircut with the Master Barber, Angler and Fire Eater 'Mr. Natty' aka Matt Raine Sunday the Empress of Arcadia and I proceeded north on the A10 in the van to collect some forgotten auction lots.  There, hermetically sealed in a wallet that had not been opened for several decades and possibly even as long as a century, an envelope of fly tying materials, stamped in green ink with the legend: R. Raine - a Gun, Cartridge & Fishing Tackle Maker, whose premises stood at 20 Butchergate in the town of Carlisle in the County of Eden.