Thursday 27 September 2012

Bridge Stores Staithe Cafe St Olaves

Once upon a time in Arcadia when tea was tea and even on Thursdays because they were 'Open Every Day', Bridge Stores Staithe Cafe St. Olaves in the region of Arcadia known as Anglia served 'Provisions, Fishing Tackle, Morning Coffee and Afternoon Tea' to ladies and gentlemen who were passing by in boats.

Today in Arcadia many ladies and gentlemen will be passing by in boats due to the recent fall of rain and never more so than along Commercial Street in London and by my stall at Spitalfields Antiques Market where on Thursdays only I supply Vintage Fishing Tackle for the Soul but am also more frequently tempted to start up an additional tea trolley service for stallholders as the strength of tea within the bounds of the market is so pitifully weak.  Oh, for a cafe on wheels with a big urn or enamelled tea pot filled with four score of catering tea bags and a young lady togged up in forties gear doing the honours.  Across Arcadia cats and dogs are praying to St. Olave for such.