Monday 18 May 2015

The National Vintage Fishing Tackle Fair - Sunday 15th November 2015

In kitchens and parlour bars across Arcadia and elsewhere glasses and bottles of Victory Gin are raised in tribute to all those who helped out; stalled out; brewed up and queued up at yesterday's National Vintage Fishing Tackle Fair in Redditch.  Your gracious presence made the day a joy as always.  Trumpets sound in particular for the two gentlemen who drove non-stop from the German city of Dortmund and were there to greet the arrival of the tea van at 6am.  The next National Vintage Fishing Tackle Fair takes place on Sunday 15th November at the same venue.  Handbills have been printed in letterpress by Mr. Martin Clark of Tilley Printing in Ledbury and are available from the depths of a demob bag wherever our paths may cross between now and then.   Should you wish to take a stall at the next fair and have not taken one before please call me on the Field Telephone 07980 274 383.