Friday 3 March 2017

Caught the River at The Horse Hospital

Across a heath blasted by the last of winter trumpets sound for the artists magnificent who gave their all and to the gracious audience who trooped to the Colonnade behind the Hotel Russell in Bloomsbury on Monday evening last and sold out The Horse Hospital for the first of a number of Caught by the River nights.  Those of you who have requested to read the piece I read aloud entitled 'Don't Wait Until the Perch Have Gone - A Brief History of Caught by the River' can obtain it in print in the next issue of Cally Calloman's  The Eastfolk Chronicle which will be available from 1st April at the Halesworth Cut Arts Centre and elsewhere in Easterly-Anglia-Arcadia.  You can see more of Monday through the lens of my old comrade-in- arms Neil R Thomson at Caught by the River where you may also find a link to buy tickets in advance for the night we have there on Monday 20th March: