Thursday 19 June 2014

Via Crowland Road

Once upon a time in Arcadia in the years immediately Post-War, ladies and gentlemen in search of adventure could bypass their local tackle shop and instead go directly to the maker of Auger Accessories who were based at their eponymous Works, 85b Crowland Road in the district of London known as N15.  There, with a little persuasion they could buy wire traces and other delights whilst checking on the progress of the "Heron" Bite Detector which from the June 1957 was manufactured and distributed by Auger.

Today, in this the year 2014, ladies and gentlemen in search of adventure should note that Auger Works closed its doors long ago but that should you feel the need for a pilgrimage to the site of their former works, London buses stop at the end of Crowland Road on a regular basis.  Afterwards, you are advised to cross the road and take a bus directly south down Stamford Hill past The Birdcage Public House and Abney Park Cemetery where the great taxidermist John Cooper is buried, in the direction of Commercial Street in the district known as E.1 where on Thursdays only between the hours of 8am and 3pm you will find my stall selling 'Vintage Fishing Tackle for the Soul' situated inside Spitalfields Antiques Market, and where, on the hour, tea is drunk in honour of the employees of Auger and all of the other small London firms who made fishing tackle so diligently in the Post-War Years.