Sunday 12 February 2012

Country Life

Once upon a time in the Indian Summer known locally as autumn, I had the pleasure of a day on the River Thames at Sunbury with Mr. David Profumo, Mr. Luke Jennings and his son, Rafe. You can read about our day in Mr. Profumo's splendid column 'Reel Life' on Page 68 of the February 8th edition Country Life Magazine.  It begins, 'As they passed Sunbury church, the clock struck seven', wrote Dickens of the housebreaking expedition on which Bill Sikes takes Oliver Twist, adding: 'There was a dull sound of falling water not far off.'  As I stood outside the Edwardian boathouse of Geo. Wilson & Sons opposite St. Mary's at 8am on a late-autumn morning, I could hear that faint noise from the weir upstream'.