Wednesday 27 June 2012

A Letterpress Poster for Port Eliot

Across all of Arcadia and most of all in the Postal District of London North 6, cellars and pantries are being emptied as dusty bottles of light ale are being downed in one from the neck and tea is being drunk in a trawlerman style with abandon and excitement as cats and dogs are awoken from their slumber to witness the opening of the brown paper parcel from Tilley Printing.  Inside, the smell of ink reveals the run of Letterpress Posters for Port Eliot, masterfully created and laboured over with love by the artist printer Martin Clark, advertising all the delights that will be going on in and around The White Tent of The World of Andrews of Arcadia under the oak tree in the Caught by the River Field at Port Eliot Festival.   To re-fill the cellar and the pantry there will be a very  limited number of the posters for sale at Port Eliot.  Please call me on field telephone 07980 274 383 if you are interested in buying one. Thank-you.