Saturday 16 March 2013

Andrews of Arcadia meets the London Sound Survey Uptown

Yesterday, I took the trolleybus to The British Library to meet the artist and gentleman Mr. Ian Rawes who took me on a guided tour of the British Library Sound Archive. We drank tea from paper cups and listened to a vinyl recording of an auction in Petticoat Lane Market committed to wax in the year 1938.  Thereafter I settled down in a carrel to listen to three broadcasts by Arthur Ransome which were issued to the nation via wireless in the year 1948.  You can hear more of Mr. Rawes' important work at his website The London Sound Survey,  and see him appear on stage with his collaborator the Curator Miss Cheryl Tipp at The Field Day on Saturday 25th May where I will also be reading aloud with my fellow partisans Mr. Charles Rangeley-Wilson and Mr. Luke Jennings.  Thank-you.