Thursday 25 February 2016

From E1 to Pleasure Gardens Where We Feel Secure

All roads be they of Tarmacadam-by-Westway or Iron Overground-Underground lead to the Edwardian Palace of Bush Hall W12 for this Sunday's Caught by the River Social Club.  To obtain an Arcadian Platform Ticket for this lost afternoon go to the following window and tap on the glass.  As Master of Ceremonies I look forward to your good company in this temple of ghosts on the Uxbridge Road.

Sunday 14 February 2016

Country Life in the District of London Known as E.1.

In kitchens and parlours across Arcadia pantry floors have been emptied of bottles of Ordinary; kettles have been boiled; flags have been put out; cats and dogs have been kissed and Elgar is of course on the radiogram for in this week's issue of Country Life (February 10th)  you can read about the day my good friend the esteemed writer; angler and gentleman David Profumo spent on the stall: 'The day I visited one chap brought him a bag of courgettes; another bore news of bass movements off Dungeness and a Japanese tourist was haggling over a (japanned) box of gut-eyed flies'.

Thursday 11 February 2016

'I Met a Traveller from an Antique Land' *

*Known locally as a house clearance gentleman from Kempton. (With apologies to Shelley)

Wednesday 3 February 2016

Streams of Whisky

Bought recently and for immediate sale on my website  to a lady or a gentleman with a fireside thirst a set of four ABU Whisky Tumblers dating from the year 1967 when the ABU Droppen was released.  Each of the glasses features an embossed ABU lure: The Droppen; The Hi-Lo; The Toby and The Abu-Fly.  These would have been given as gifts by the company to Tackle Shop owners of the time.