Friday 30 March 2012


Oh my brothers, a day of affiliation at the stall yesterday symbolised by the discovery of a silver and gold medal for Putney Angling Society, struck in Birmingham in the year of Arcadia 1914.   Putney A.S. held their weekly meetings at Ruskie House, 63 Upper Richmond Road in the district of London known as SW15.

Thursday 29 March 2012

Ogden Smiths - in the City

Once upon a time in Arcadia and particularly on the last Thursday in March, ladies and gentlemen escaping the fustiness of their pokey office buildings might take to the pavements of the City and turn towards The Royal Exchange where a branch of Ogden Smiths awaited them with all manner of angling delights on display.

Today, in the year of Arcadia 2012, known by some as 'the modern world', such a journey would be wasted as Ogden Smiths is very sadly no more and other shops now occupy the space at The Royal Exchange.  However, if you are a lady or a gentleman of the City you are advised to walk in a north-easterly direction and visit me at my stall on Spitalfields Antiques Market where on Thursdays between the hours of a half past seven and three o'clock I summon up the spirit of Ogden Smiths and of all the lost tackle shops of London past by selling Vintage Fishing Tackle for the Soul.

Wednesday 28 March 2012

Make Do and Mend

Found in the week just past a large collection of reel spares, parts and first aid kits from the backroom of the Gun and Fishing Tackle Dealer known as D. Crockart of 35 King Street, town unknown.

Tuesday 27 March 2012


A dealer's dawn at Kempton this morning, with a riot of vans being opened in the mist of the rising sun.  Some treasure dug out and then considerable fat chewed by the tea wagon with my fellow gentlemen.

Monday 26 March 2012

Urbane Angling

Thanks to all those of you who came and lost yourselves in Room 1.1 and on the Regent's Canal with myself and friends the writer and gentleman Mr. Luke Jennings and the musician and gentlemen Mr. Andrew Hackett at our talk for Caught by the River as part of The Guardian's Open Weekend.  The day was a treat as upon Andrew's narrowboat we emerged out of the darkness of Islington Tunnel and into the parlour bar of The Wenlock Arms Public House for a quick pint of mild, finishing with an ale a-top the impromptu Water Tower Bar at St. Pancras Cut.

Sunday 25 March 2012

Urban Angling in Room 1.1 - The Guardian Open Weekend

This is a Public Service Announcement for the good of your soul.  As part of the Caught by the River bill  at The Guardian Open Weekend under the banner of 'Urban Angling' myself and the author Mr. Luke Jennings will be reading from 'Words on Water' and 'Blood Knots' as well as reviving the lost works of Arthur Ransome of The Manchester Guardian uptown in Room 1.1 of The Guardian's new building at 90 York Way behind Kings Cross Railway Station between the hours of 10am and 11am today, Sunday 25th March.

You can obtain tickets to our reading for the sum of £10 by clicking here on the word Ransome.   Should you wish to join us we will repair afterwards to Mr. Andrew Hackett and Miss Susan Currie's narrowboat which will be moored up on the Regents Canal alongside The Guardian Building and there we shall discuss the nature of angling on canals and drink tea whilst wearing corduroy caps and bobble hats.  Thank-you and good morning.

Friday 23 March 2012


This morning you will find me stalled out in the bar of The Clive Pavilion at the Ludlow Racecourse where for the next two days I shall be selling Vintage Fishing Tackle for the Soul along with a number of other dealers at the Antique Fishing Tackle Fair which takes place alongside the Mullocks Auction.  Should you be attending I look forward to your good company over a cup of tea or pint of Hobson's Mild.

Thursday 22 March 2012

The Severn Valley Cafe

Once upon a time in Arcadia, and usually on a Thursday you will find me on my stall in Spitalfields Antiques Market where I sell Vintage Fishing Tackle for the Soul.  Today, however, all roads lead in a westerly direction to the town of Ludlow in Shropshire where from tomorrow until Saturday afternoon I shall be stalling out at Mullocks Auction of Antique & Modern Fishing Tackle, Books & related items.  En route I may be stopping the van for a pot of tea at The Severn Valley Cafe, 'Noted Angling Rendezvous' and a watering hole much recommended by the Birmingham Anglers Association.

Wednesday 21 March 2012

Brady Bags and Bunting

Found at auction yesterday and in the weeks past from places Way Beyond the Snuggeries a number of Brady bags and a string of bunting.

Tuesday 20 March 2012

Off to Rave-On-Y-Scrump

Two pots of tea drunk trawlerman style and then it is off in the van with a black pudding sandwich on the dashboard, through the district known as Rave-On-Y-Scrump to an auction of Sporting and Country Matters.

Monday 19 March 2012


Found at auction on Saturday past and brought back in a cardboard box part of a quantity of books on fishing that should be judged by their covers.

Sunday 18 March 2012

Mothers Day Card

Even in the most distant parts of Arcadia from where telegrams can take a lifetime to arrive young ladies and gentlemen are posing for photographs to be sent home to their mothers.

Saturday 17 March 2012

Ferry across the Financial Straits

Up with the lark and off in the van to take the ferryboat to an auction on the other side of the Financial Straits.

Friday 16 March 2012


Caught by the final cast of the season at dusk on the last day the ever obliging Mr. Chub, the chain mailed guardian of the souls of anglers across all Arcadia.

Thursday 15 March 2012

W. Metcalfe, Shute Road, Catterick Camp

Once upon a time in Arcadia, and particularly on a Thursday, soldiers posted at Catterick Camp in region known as the North might take a brief hour to call in at W. Metcalfe on Shute Road, 'Practical Angler ' and 'Sports Outfitter'.  There, the soldier might avail themselves of the 'Special Army Terms for Sports Gear' and spend their meagre wages on a 'requisite for the sportsman'.

Should you find yourself with a brief hour on a Thursday but feel that Catterick is too far a march away even at a good pace with 'Boots' on your lips then perish not.  You may visit me at my stall in Spitalfields Antiques Market where Camp Rules apply and where 'Special Army Terms for Sports Gear' are offered to all those who have or who are still serving.  Carry on.

Wednesday 14 March 2012

The Last Day of the Season

Wednesday's child is full of woe and no more so than when the Last Day of the Season falls upon that particular day of the week.  Wherever you are this March 14th in Arcadia, chancing your luck beyond the Outskirts of Pandemonium or Stret Pegging in Effluvium Magna, may the spirit of the Bobble Hat be with you.  God Bless Anglers All and God Bless our Dear Dogs.

Tuesday 13 March 2012


Found at Kempton early this morning amongst a large box of Vintage Fishing Tackle for the Soul a Farlows "B-W-P" Fly Reel in 1930's livery and housed in a fine leather pouch.