Sunday 31 August 2014

'The Famous Centre for the Latest Novelties'

Found earlier today at a Car Boot Sale on the Edge of Subtopia along with much treasure a handful of postcards of old London Markets, also known as the lands of Valentine the Overcoat King.

Wednesday 27 August 2014

Cane On The Cloth

Bought early yesterday in the gloom of a half empty Kempton before the rain swept in again a quantity of split cane fly rods amongst which were a Farlow's Elf (34415 6ft #4/5 3 Piece), a Gamages Merlin (8ft 2 Piece) and an Edgar Sealey Octofly (9ft 3 Piece).  They will be on the cloth for a closer inspection at the stall tomorrow.  Thank-you.

Friday 22 August 2014


A lively day on the stall yesterday amongst friends and passers-by where much was bought and sold, tea was swilled by the gallon and all devils put to the sword.   Amongst the purchases early in the day an armful of illustrated dog books published between-the-wars by Country Life and Scribner of New York including 'Just Dogs - Pencil and Pen Sketches' by the artist K.F Barker of whom John O'London's once said, 'Mr. K.F. Barker has an uncanny skill in drawing dogs.  He can put a dog's whole character into the expression in its eye'.

Wednesday 20 August 2014

Witches meet Iron Blues Uptown

Bought recently in the wondrous County of Dorsetshire and for sale from the drawer of my cabinet on the stall tomorrow or by order via the Field Telephone 07980 274 383 until the very last one has gone, a large quantity of boxes of hand-tied dry and wet flies from the period immediately pre and post-war.  

Tuesday 19 August 2014

Mid-Victorian Winch

Bought recently a Mid-Victorian Wide Drum Winch of good age and considerable character.

Monday 18 August 2014

Spratt's: Suppliers of Dog and Game Foods to H.M. The King

Bought on Thursday at the market from a gentleman dealer a quantity of Spratt's printed cotton biscuit bags, some in 7lbs size.

Thursday 7 August 2014

Never Sold In England Before At The Price

Once upon a time in Arcadia, on every day of the week except Sundays in the century before last, Barber and Company imported 'A Tea Abounding in Strength and High Quality' known to all as Onfa Congo which sold at 1s 6d. per pound, a price at which tea had never been sold before in England.

In this, the Year of Our Lord & Other Lights Eternally Dimmed 2014 rich syrupy tea is continually drunk at my stall which stands open in Spitalfields Antiques Market on Thursdays only off Commercial Street in the district of London known as E.1. between the hours of 8am and 3pm and from which, fuelled by Market Tea from The Square Pie Company which 'Abounds in Strength and High Quality', I buy and sell Vintage Fishing Tackle for the Soul during the month of August especially at a price at which Vintage Fishing Tackle for the Soul has never been sold before in England.   All passers-by welcome.