Wednesday 30 November 2011


Discovered recently, purchased and brought back to Arcadia with much reverance and joy, a jacket worn in the decade known as the 1960's by the then reigning British and European Casting Champion and Record Holder.

Tuesday 29 November 2011

Olivetti in Arcadia

Work continues late at night in Arcadia upon a decommissioned H.M.S.O. desk on the next issue of Caught by the River's 'Antidote to Indifference' which is being produced in its entirety on an Olivetti Lettera 32, found recently at the market.

Monday 28 November 2011

The Social Christmas Market

Adventurers and Intrepids in Arcadia are invited to lose themselves over the next three Saturday afternoons between the hours of 1pm and 6pm in the bar at The Social Christmas Market in the district of London W1.  With Caught by the River and others, The Empress of Arcadia will be presenting for sale selected Labels and Bespokery including a Flock of Sequined Birds whilst alongside I shall be doing the same with some very fine items of Vintage Fishing Tackle for the Soul.  For this week only there will also be a stall by the celebrated artist Mr. Pete Fowler and an acoustic performance by the magnificent Trevor Moss and Hannah-Lou.

Sunday 27 November 2011

Letters From Arcadia

Found beyond the Outskirts of Pandemonium, a collection of undelivered Letters from Arcadia, brought back to the district London North 6 in the back of the van.  They can be collected from my stall in Spitalfields this Thursday.

Saturday 26 November 2011

Beyond the Outskirts of Pandemonium

Up early and after a couple of pots of tea drunk 1930's trawlermen style it is off in the van with the Empress to an auction house beyond the Outskirts of Pandemonium.

Friday 25 November 2011


Found at Spitalfields yesterday in the folds of a Hardy Houghton Cast Wallet a selection of cast packets from lost brands of Vintage Fishing Tackle for the Soul.

Thursday 24 November 2011

Reg Ironmonger's of Birmingham 5

Once upon a time in Arcadia and most notably on a Thursday, ladies and gentlemen who were thinking of going pike fishing would call in at Reg Ironmonger's shop on Hurst Street, just below the Hippodrome in the district of Birmingham 5.   There, Reg would give them expert advice and show off his range of pike rods and lures under the banner of 'Sound Tackle'.

Today in Arcadia should you be thinking of going pike fishing you are advised to call in at my stall in Spitalfields Antiques Market where on Thursdays only and between the hours of a half past seven and three o'clock I reminisce about legends of the ilk of Reg Ironmonger, drink tea and sell Vintage Fishing Tackle for the Soul, much of it built for those going pike fishing.

Wednesday 23 November 2011

'Restoration in Progress'

Back in the district of Arcadia known as London North 6 after a two day road-trip with the photographer Mr. Neil Thomson in search of Phantom Fields and Ghost Squadrons, part of his ongoing work in search of semiotic footprints left by lost Second World War Aircrews in the region known as Suffolk which will be featured in the next issue of Caught by the River's 'An Antidote to Indifference'.  A trip fuelled by Naafi Canteen Tea, Adnams Ale, Delirium and Maggot Vending Machine Rumours.

Tuesday 22 November 2011

Time Please

As the last of the stragglers leave the area known as the Midlands after the National Vintage Fishing Tackle Fair, glasses are drained in public houses, vans are loaded with groundbait and rumours of giants are perpetuated.

Monday 21 November 2011


A mighty thank-you to each and every one of the several hundreds of intrepid souls who travelled through fog to stall out and attend yesterday's National Vintage Fishing Tackle Fair, your presence made the day a joy for all.  Bobble hats are also raised to the Fair's sponsor Mr. Neil Freeman of Angling Auctions, our hosts at the Kingsley and those members of the press, radio and online community who supported the Fair so generously.  The 'National' or 'Redditch' as it is fondly known will return to the Kingsley for its next edition on Sunday May 20th 2012.  Call me on field telephone 07980 274 383 with any enquiries regarding stalls, directions or teas.  Good morning!

Saturday 19 November 2011

Allcocks Standard Works

Dealers finding themselves en route to Redditch for tomorrow's National Vintage Fishing Tackle Fair, pause to give thanks at the gates of Allcocks Standard Works which stood on the edge of town.

Friday 18 November 2011

The Times Newspaper - Daily Universal Register

All those you who find yourselves reading The Times Newspaper today are asked to turn to the Page 42, the home of the fabulous Daily Universal Register where The National Vintage Fishing Tackle Fair is recommended should you be 'Out and About' this weekend.  Keen scholars of post-war British bait brands may also delight at the pop-art image of a tub of Spratt's Angler's Bait that accompanies the entry.

Lee of Redditch

All roads in Arcadia lead to Redditch for Sunday's National Vintage Fishing Tackle Fair via several roadside tea vans on the A435 and the Akraqual Works on Bates Hill, home to one of the many lost brands of fishing tackle that made the town famous.

Thursday 17 November 2011

The Brighton Anglers' Central Depot

Once Upon a Time in Arcadia, and especially on a Thursday ladies and gentlemen anglers in the south coast town of Brighton would have found themselves loitering in the 'Cheapest House in Brighton' also known as The Brighton Central Anglers' Depot.  Here they could obtain 'Practical Experience of Local Requirements' and pick up a Local Tide Table 'Gratis'.   Should you find yourself in Brighton today, being a Thursday, you may also wish to loiter outside the Depot which you would have found at 24 Duke Street (One door from West Street) after which an ale in the Bird in the Hand Public House may be in order.  

Alternatively, should you find yourself in the city of London you are invited to loiter at my stall in Spitalfields Antiques Market where every Thursday as a dealer in Vintage Fishing Tackle for the Soul I give you my word that I will do my best not to sell you anything 'cheap'.

Wednesday 16 November 2011


Found this week at auction in the pocket of a Naval Jacket a collection of enamel angling and field sport badges and a bottle of Aspinall of Bolton's finest Pilchard Oil.