Wednesday 27 July 2016

Port Eliot Festival

The White Road leads Westward to Port Eliot Festival where over the next few days I will be Master of Ceremonies in the Caught by the River Tent.  On Sunday I will be in conversation with my old mucker Dexter Petley who will be reading from his recent memoir 'Love Madness Fishing''.  We shall also be reading from our archive of 'Letters From Arcadia'which first appeared on Caught by the River during its genesis almost ten years ago.  Should you be in attendance I look forward to your good company in the gardens where we feel secure.

Wednesday 13 July 2016

Catalogues from Arcadia

Bought recently as part of a large consignment from the noble dealer Mr. Myerscough of Hastings a selection of London catalogues.  For immediate sale to those who wish to shop between-the-wars and just afterwards 'Under the Counter, Madam' at the shop in the alleyway known as my website.