Wednesday 31 October 2012

We Always Dress Like This

Found in the recent past and now under glass in Arcadia three tins of line dressing from the era when ladies and gentlemen would not leave the house without dressing first.

Tuesday 30 October 2012


The early hour was an hour earlier at Kempton this morning courtesy of the man who winds the clocks at Greenwich.

Monday 29 October 2012

BBC Radio Enterprises' 'Gone Fishing' - LP

Found at Spitalfields last Thursday on the market's resident record stall a piece of rare vinyl, the BBC Radio Enterprises' 'Gone Fishing' LP produced by Maurice Kannarek.   A seminal release 'Gone Fishing' was based on a BBC Radio 4 broadcast which went out on the 13th February 1970.  It includes such tracks as 'Sea Fishing - A Survey by Clive Gammon', 'Poaching a Salmon with Angus MacVicar' and the early proto-Baleric number 'Dodging the Wife by Roderick Wilkinson'.

Sunday 28 October 2012

Central Heating for Ladies and Gentlemen

Across certain districts of Arcadia the clocks have gone back and the first proper coal fires of winter have been lit as the mercury fell last night.  For all those that do not have coal fires you are reminded that access to old fashioned futurist central heating may be obtained in certain Public Houses by asking the landlord or barmaid for a Watney's Brown Ale.

Saturday 27 October 2012

Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou

Across Arcadia this morning it is a late start as kettles are boiled dry, empties are put out and cats and dogs waltz trawlerman style in kitchens to the sound of Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou's new record 'La Ferme de Fontenaille'.  In all zones of the empire and beyond Elgar has been given the elbow and gin is being laced in tea victoriously as radiograms have been re-tuned on a long-wave frequency to pick up the sounds of this stunning work of art.  'La Ferme' was launched last night on a lively sea of ale and goodwill at The Betsey Trotwood Public House with the showing of a film of its making shot on Hi-8 by Trevor and live performances by Mr. George Minnekin, Mr. Danny George Wilson and Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou themselves.

The record is being sold as all good things are from independent record shops and a suitcase situated behind the bar of pubs and working men's clubs as the artist couple tour the country and the old country in the coming months.  For all those in danger of being left behind you may also buy it here.

Friday 26 October 2012


The New Terrier Explosion continued apace at Spitalfields yesterday with the discovery on a stall of great taste (and immediate purchase for a sum of pounds undisclosed) of the second impression of Spillers Dog Book published in the year of King George 1931.  Spillers fed a generation of dogs on biscuits from their factory in Bermondsey (district of London S.E.1) during the 1930's and a generation of Londoners on the same in the decade that followed.  As the advert said, 'Whether your dog has the longest tail - the most soulful eyes - the bandiest legs or the largest feet - or whether he is a thoroughbred with a pedigree as long as the Eiffel Tower - give him SHAPES.  All breeds like them.

Thursday 25 October 2012

Benwoods of Church Street NW8

Once upon a time in Arcadia and not just on a Thursday, ladies and gentlemen loitering abroad in the district of London known as the NW's would have been able to call in at Benwoods at 64 Church Street off the Edgware Road.  There, they would have been able to have handled the latest pike rod and also order the largest match maggot available at that time in London.  There are no confirmed reports of how big Benwoods' gozzers grew but they were not a company prone to exaggeration.  They also stayed open until 7pm on Friday for the convenience of late anglers.

Should you be a lady or a gentleman loitering abroad in the district of London known as the NW's you may well ask yourself what you are doing and pull yourself together and take the London Underground Railway without delay to Liverpool Street Station where after a short walk and on Thursdays only you will find my stall at Spitalfields Antiques Market where I sell Vintage Fishing Tackle for the Soul including the latest old fashioned futurist pike rods.  I cannot promise you large maggots but for the convenience of late anglers I sometimes stay open until 3.30pm.  Thank-you.

Wednesday 24 October 2012

Efgeeco meets Pegley-Davies Uptown

In an outbreak of post-war South London rivalry Efgeeco and Pegley-Davies meet Uptown in the district of my website known as 'Old Friends'.

Tuesday 23 October 2012

A Good Year for the Eels Pt. ii

A knock at the door in the fog and a telegram from the district of Arcadia known as The South Coast spreading the news that it has also been a 'good year for the eels'  off the rocks as this conger caught by a gentleman sporting an Orlando and a vest testifies.

Monday 22 October 2012

South Coast Special

Bought at Spitalfields on Thursday from a passing gentleman with a rucksack containing a number of British made reels still in their original boxes a Grice & Young Orlando Supreme Sea Reel.  In the decade known as the sixties you would have been able to have ordered this reel by using the telephone at the bar (with the permission of the publican) to dial Christchurch 636 where a 'maker of quality fishing reels' would have taken your order.  Once in your possession of the reel you could have fished from the beach for conger eel or bass without fear of a birds nest or over-run.

Sunday 21 October 2012

A Week in Arcadia

The week past in Arcadia will be published in a longer form entitled 'An Autumn Week in Arcadia' in the next issue of the Caught by the River Fanzine - 'An Antidote to Indifference' which has been edited by Port Eliot Festival and The Hedgerow Society's Mathew Clayton.  The issue is a South Coast Special a place which, due to the popularity of the Goddard 'Patent' Dog Bed, is now eternally twinned with Arcadia.  You will be able to buy copies of the fanzine from my stall on Thursdays from November 15th or directly at the launch night which is taking place at the Hotel Pelirocco in the resort of Brighton on Wednesday November 7th.  Thank-you.

Saturday 20 October 2012

A Good Year for the Eels

Found sellotaped to the wall of a public house bar in the middle of the Fen amongst the notices this portrait of an eel.  According to a gentleman we met on Tuesday last this year has been 'a good year for the eels'.

Friday 19 October 2012


The Terrier Explosion continued yesterday at Spitalfields with the discovery by Mr. Stephen Sorrell of The Bognor Bugle of a Patent "Goddard" Terrier Bed, dating to the Thirties and kindly purchased in the half light of a car boot sale on the south coast.  It is thought that many terriers retired to the south coast to see out their later years and hence many Terrier Beds are to be found in seaside towns.  This one is a fine example and I was only too happy to hand over ironed notes to acquire it.   Should you wish to own one for your terrier please call me on the field telephone 07980 274 383 or go to the 'Old Friends' wing of my website where there is always a Terrier Bed for sale.

Thursday 18 October 2012

E.W. Little of Baker Street

Once upon a time in Arcadia, most notably on a Thursday in the year 1910, ladies and gentlemen in search of a Practical Naturalist might hail a cab and be heard to say 'Baker Street'.  Once there they could present their specimen fish for preservation to E.W. Little whose premises were at 65 York Street, Baker Street, W.  Little was a stickler however, and he insisted that all specimens should be well washed in dilute Carbolic Acid (2ozs to 1 gall. of water), wrapped in a cloth saturated with same and forwarded as soon as possible.  He also insisted that note should be made of colouring when caught, or other peculiarities.

Today in Arcadia, ladies and gentlemen in search of a Practical Naturalist are still at liberty to hail a cab and say 'Baker Street' but they would be much better advised to say 'Commercial Street' and visit me at my stall on Spitalfields Antiques Market where, as someone who sells Vintage Fishing Tackle for the Soul on Thursdays only I also carry examples of original taxidermy some of it dating back as far as the year 1910.

Wednesday 17 October 2012


Back in the later afternoon from the Fen via an auction house or two, after a most productive afternoon spent catching pike as well as fishing for them with my fellow collaborators Mr. Charles Rangeley-Wilson and Mr. John Richardson.  For once all rods were called upon and many a demon was seen running for the horizon as dusk fell about the place.

Tuesday 16 October 2012


Up early and off in the van to the region of Arcadia known as Anglia Zone 4 to fish the Fen for pike and other surprises.

Monday 15 October 2012

'Hooked on Floats'

A snapshot of a celluloid world taken from Mr. Jeff Della Mura's forthcoming and deservedly raved about book 'Hooked on Floats - Vintage and Antique Fishing Floats from 1860 to 1960' which will be launched on Sunday November 18th at The National Vintage Fishing Tackle Fair.  Orders to reserve the book for collection at the fair may be made directly with the author or via myself on the field telephone number 07980 274 383.

Sunday 14 October 2012

The National Vintage Fishing Tackle Fair

Across Arcadia street corner urchins are hard at work dishing out paper handbills printed by Mr. Martin Clark of Tilley Printing, advertising the forthcoming National Vintage Fishing Tackle Fair which will take place in the town of Redditch in only 5 weeks time.  There is much excitement about this edition of the fair as it will host the launch of Mr. Jeff Della Mura's much vaunted booked 'Hooked on Floats - Vintage and Antique Fishing Floats from 1860 to 1960'.  If you are a features, style or arts editor of a magazine or newspaper, or a lady or gentleman of influence and you wish to speak to Mr. Della Mura about the work which is lavishly illustrated with some previously unseen floats each worthy of a room
in the Victoria and Albert please call me on field telephone 07980 274 383 and I will make arrangements.  Thank-you.

Saturday 13 October 2012

Trawlerman Style

In some districts it is Saturday, and across Arcadia in kitchens where Elgar is on the radiogram or by the damp chill of the Car Boot Sale Tea Wagon to the hum of a generator, the morning is being brought in Trawlerman style.

Friday 12 October 2012


A riotously convivial day at Spitalfields yesterday with callers from all corners of the kingdom and amidst the ocean of tea a passing gentleman with a carrier bag containing the 93rd Edition of the Farlow's Tackle Catalogue published in the year of Arcadia 1938.  Most fitting as the last visitor as I was packing up was the elegant Mr. Max Sardi, manager of Farlows, and author of the inspirational Sanforized.