Thursday 8 March 2012

Station Fishing Tackle Stores, Dalston Lane, E8.

Once upon a time in Arcadia, and particularly on a Thursday, ladies and gentlemen stepping out on a spring morning with fishing tackle on their minds in the district known as London E8 might call in at the Station Fishing Tackle Stores which traded at Hackney Downs Station in Dalston Lane.  There, they were 'guaranteed the finest tackle obtainable'.

Should you want to be guaranteed the finest Vintage Fishing Tackle for the Soul obtainable today you are advised to take the overground railway from Hackney Downs Station and upon arrival at Liverpool Street proceed in a north easterly direction up Brushfield Street towards my stall at Spitalfields Antiques Market which trades between the hours of 07:30 and 15:00 every Thursday.  Thank-you.