Sunday 25 March 2012

Urban Angling in Room 1.1 - The Guardian Open Weekend

This is a Public Service Announcement for the good of your soul.  As part of the Caught by the River bill  at The Guardian Open Weekend under the banner of 'Urban Angling' myself and the author Mr. Luke Jennings will be reading from 'Words on Water' and 'Blood Knots' as well as reviving the lost works of Arthur Ransome of The Manchester Guardian uptown in Room 1.1 of The Guardian's new building at 90 York Way behind Kings Cross Railway Station between the hours of 10am and 11am today, Sunday 25th March.

You can obtain tickets to our reading for the sum of £10 by clicking here on the word Ransome.   Should you wish to join us we will repair afterwards to Mr. Andrew Hackett and Miss Susan Currie's narrowboat which will be moored up on the Regents Canal alongside The Guardian Building and there we shall discuss the nature of angling on canals and drink tea whilst wearing corduroy caps and bobble hats.  Thank-you and good morning.