Saturday 27 August 2011

The Thames Festival

Once upon a time in the future in Arcadia, namely Saturday 10th September, courtesy of Caught by the River, the Andrews of Arcadia 'Miniature Museum of Thames Angling History' will appear for one afternoon and early evening only at the North End of Southwark Bridge as part of 'Feast on the Bridge' an event organised by The Thames Festival.  As such my loyal van will be attired in the finest Efgeeco canvas and the interior will be transformed into a Small Space for the Soul with glazed cabinets of Thames angling wonderment.  You are welcome to visit me, talk about wet keepnets, lost hook lengths and to drink tea.  At a half past three on the Bandstand opposite the van you will also be able to hear myself and the writers Mr. Jon Berry and Mr. Luke Jennings read some of our work and talk about the River and what angling on it means to us and to others.  There will be music from Mr. Richard Norris and with a bit of luck a sunset courtesy of Mr. J.W. Turner.