Wednesday 21 September 2011

The Towpath of Excess

For all those who read the vital online arts and outdoor organ 'Caught by the River' your attention is drawn to the launch of the 'Caught by the River Bookshop' within the walls of Rough Trade East, open from this evening at the hour known locally as a half past six from when, to mark the occasion, I shall be in brief conversation with Mr. Jeff Barrett, Mr. Andrew Walsh, Mr. Robin Turner and the Rough Trade Proprietor Mr. Pete Donne.  There will also be a reading from the celebrated 'Caught by the River' Anthology 'On Nature' of the chapter 'On the Road to Damascus' by its author Mr. Bill Drummond.  Musical accompaniment will be provided by Mr. Richard Norris and later you are invited to repair to the nearby Mason & Taylor Public House where ales may be drunk.