Thursday 8 November 2012

Jimmy Chaplain's of Saltley, Birmingham

Once upon a time in Arcadia, and most probably on a Thursday, ladies and gentlemen abroad in the region known as The Midlands would go to Jimmy Chaplain's which was situated on the High Street in Saltley in the city of Birmingham.  Chaplain's was the self styled 'Fishing Mecca of the Midlands' where 'Top Quality Yorkshire Maggots' were 'Always in Stock'.

Should you be a lady or gentleman abroad in the region known as The Midlands today you are advised to travel a little further west into the county of Shropshire, to the town of Ludlow, where, from tomorrow, a Fishing Mecca shall appear on a pair of velvet covered trestle tables as I stall out in the bar of The Racecourse as one of the attractions that is put on around Mullocks Auction of Antique & Modern Fishing Tackle, Books and Related Items.