Wednesday 26 November 2014

Shop Clearance: Telegrams: "Flees"

Packing the cabinet for the stall tomorrow which will include a very large quantity of flies originally from William Robertson 'Fishing Rod; Reel; Fly and Tackle Maker' of 27 Wellington Street in Glasgow (next to the Alhambra Theatre) whose telegram address was "Flees".  I do not have a working telegraphic address but you can telephone me on Arcadia 274 383 to pass the time of day or preferably come to the stall tomorrow between the hours extended *for tomorrow only* (and by order of the market management) of *8am until 4.30pm* where you can drink hot sweet tea and give me ironed fivers in exchange for old goods.   Part of the market floor will be given over to a large 'pop-up' building again *for tomorrow only* but my stall will be in its usual position.  Thank-you.