Sunday 18 December 2016

'Long, long ago' in 1970

Once upon a time in Arcadia, after Advent in fact, on 13th February 1970 BBC Radio 4 broadcast 'Gone Fishing', 'A compleat compendium of fact, folklore, fun and fancy on the gentle art of angling'.  So popular was the broadcast that an LP was produced that was based on the broadcast.  It included 'Sea Fishing - A Survey' by Clive Gammon, 'Poaching a Salmon' by Angus MacVicar, 'Dodging the Wife' by Roderick Wilson, 'Assessing the prospects on a stretch of river' by Fred J. Taylor as well as a 'Fishing Quiz' whose answers were printed on the sleeve.  Produced by Maurice Kanareck with sleeve design by Roy Curtis-Bramwell the LP has become a cult classic.  You may only find it for sale 'Under the Counter, Madam', a quiet corner of my website,  or in selected Charity Establishment Shops.