Wednesday 26 September 2012

White Teeth meet Whisky Uptown

This evening in an upstairs room of 33 Portland Place in the district of London known as W1 I will be exhibiting a pair of mahseer teeth and an edition of 'The Rod in India' as part of the opening of The Singleton Taste Room, a collection of objects curated by a number of gentlemen at large.

The teeth are box framed in oak and accompanied by an original photograph of the catch and the legend,  'This mighty mahseer was taken from the Cubbany River, South India (for which it is a record) on November 6th 1926.  It was landed in about 35 minutes using a Hardy 16ft split cane steel-centre 'Hi-Regan' rod, cuttyhunk line of 40lbs breaking strain and an Allcocks 'Special' single hook.  Weight 105lbs, Length 5ft 4ins, Girth 3ft 2ins.'

I bought the teeth and accompanying photograph and legend some years ago beyond the Outskirts of Pandemonium with the express view of framing them and having them hung on a wall at an address then unknown.  I am grateful to Singleton Whisky for giving me the opportunity to show them.  For all those with deep pockets and a love of enamel they are for sale by the usual device of field telephone.