Sunday 2 December 2012

The Lost Art of the Beermat

The lost art of the beermat was revived yesterday with the West End debut of one produced by myself and Martin Clark & Anneliese Appleby to celebrate the opening of Andrews of Arcadia meets The Social Uptown at the first Social Christmas Market of the season.   A convivial crew including the intrepid Tilley duo who travelled by iron road all the way from Ledbury town and Dusty the Bedlington Terrier set sail on an ocean of Pale leaving behind them only the ghostly footprints of their glasses.  The exhibition is now declared open and will run throughout midwinter.  You are encouraged to call in for a Light Ale, ask for a catalogue which are kept behind the bar and view the exhibits which are all for sale.  Should you wish to have a catalogue sent to you in the post please call me on field telephone 07980 274 383.  Thank-you.