Thursday 9 May 2013

C. Godfrey Hall & Co, 89 Regent Street, London W

Once upon a time in Arcadia, namely in the Year of Our Lord and Other Curses 1896, ladies and gentlemen abroad of the streets of London in search of fishing tackles and other requisites and feeling as they might 'of tender foot' could ask a passing Hansom to take them without haste to the premises of C. Godfrey Hall & Co at 89 Regent Street in the district of London W, whose telegraphic address was of course, "Tender Feet, London".  Godfrey's were high-class court, military, hunting and general bootmakers and purveyors of stout cardboard boxes.

Should you be a lady or gentleman abroad on the streets of London W or any other district and find yourself tender of foot you are advised to hail a carriage and say the words, 'Spitalfields, please driver' whereupon you will be transported back through time to the Year of Our Lord and Other Curses 1896, also known as my stall at Spitalfields Antiques Market where on Thursdays only between the hours good of 8am and 3, I sell Vintage Fishing Tackle for the Soul and have occasional Festivals of Cardboard.  Thank-you.