Wednesday 9 March 2011

True Waltonian Angling Society

Ninety nine years ago in Arcadia a gentleman by the name of G.W. Barshell was presented with a bronze medallion or 'plaque' for the feat of winning the T.W Angling Society's 'Challenge Bowl'.  Yesterday at Kempton a gentleman by the name of L. Myerscough presented me with the same medal along with a modest demand for payment.  I was more than happy to cough up as he had found a piece of angling history that left me moved for the rest of the day.  How earnestly the anglers represented in relief on the front of the medal fish, how intent they are upon their floats and lines.  In the one hundred years since they were cast much has changed but that intent has not.

I am also indebted to angling historian and member of the 1971 National winning Leicester side, Mr. John Essex, who tells me with some authority that the initials T.W.A.S stand for True Waltonian Angling Society.