Thursday 20 October 2011

Pugh Bros. of Holloway Ltd.

Once upon a time in Arcadia and especially on the day of the week known as a Thursday if you wished to purchase some Big Yorkshire Gentles you would have been advised to have travelled to the district of London known as N7 where at numbers 95, 97, 99 and 101 the Holloway Road you would have been able to shop at Pugh Brothers.  Demand for Big Yorkshire Gentles was so high, particularly ahead of the weekend that anglers were advised to telephone on number 2825 North to reserve them by the pint or by the gallon.

Should you awake on a Thursday in the year of Arcadia 2011 and find yourself in need of some Big Yorkshire Gentles do not travel north in search of Pugh Bros. as they are no longer at numbers 95, 97, 99 and 101 the Road.  Instead visit me at my stall in Spitalfields Antiques Market in the district of London known as E1 where the conversation will often turn to the location of the better Maggot Vendors still in business.