Thursday 12 April 2012

Harcork Day-glo: Special Announcement

Once upon a time in Arcadia, namely on the 1st June in the year of Arcadia 1953, which may or may not have been a Thursday,  the float makers Harcork made a Special Announcement in the angling press that from that day onwards their Standard Harcork Floats would be made available in Day-glo colours.  Tackle dealers of the time were invited to sample the new floats at the premises of Harcork's wholesaler "Superfine" who were based at 9 Crouch Hill in the district of London known as N4.

Should you travel to 9 Crouch Hill today you will still be in the district of N4 but will discover that 'Superfine' have moved on and the premises have been turned into a chicken shop.  However, you can buy Harcork-Day-glo Floats via my website, which this morning has had its Shop Window changed and some floats placed Under the Counter for you in lieu of my absence today from Spitalfields Antiques Market due to a nasty strain of Fen Bream Cough.