Wednesday 17 December 2014

New Trade Card

Oh! the joy of a new batch of one thousand new Trade Cards printed by the Master-in-Ink Mr. Martin Clark of Tilley Printing (est. 1870 in the Herefordshire town of Ledbury).  Delivered by liveried courier to my door and unwrapped with all the excitement of St. Nicholas Morn itself.  Available for the first time fresh off the press and over the cloth on the stall TOMORROW and elsewhere in Arcadia in the weeks and months to come.  Should you wish to have anything printed in letterpress I can only recommend Mr. Clark - we have collaborated for several years now on everything from paper bags and beer mats to posters and handbills and he is a gentleman of the first order and a printer supreme.  You may contact him on the Print Room Telephone Number 01531 632750 or visit his shop in the ether here.