Tuesday 5 November 2013

In Celebration of the Movable Feast of St. Nicholas

In a kitchen in Arcadia a kettle is boiled, a glass of Victory Gin is raised, dogs and cats are kissed and a loud cheer is heard as delivery is taken of a large cardboard box which has come overnight from Ledbury in Herefordshire.   There is nothing remarkable about the box except that over the course of the last two years it has gone to and fro London North and Ledbury almost a dozen times.   Despatched westwards with 500 plain brown paper bags purchased from Gardners on Commercial Street it always returns a small while later with the same paper bags lit gloriously by the printed letterpress of Martin Clark of Tilley Printing.

Today's delivery contained a quantity of bags printed In Celebration of the Movable Feast of St. Nicholas and heralds the announcement that on Tuesday 3rd December 2013 Andrews of Arcadia will meet Farlows Uptown when my stall selling Vintage Fishing Tackle For the Soul *SHALL APPEAR*.  The paper bags are currently in circulation and may be obtained directly from Farlows on Pall Mall from tomorrow, from my own stall at Spitalfields on Thursdays and from street corner handbill urchins at all points in between.