Thursday 1 May 2014

The Anglers' Social Club

Once upon a time in Arcadia, and most probably on a Thursday in the year known as 1936 ladies and gentlemen in search of 'The Most Comfortable Club in Town' would head to The Anglers' Social Club which was situated at 57 Norfolk Street in northern town of Sheffield.  There, for an entrance fee of 1/- or a Subscription of 1/3 per quarter they could imbibe in free Refreshments, obtain tickets for Underbank Fishing, enter the Billiard Tournament and both listen to and engage in 'Music and Singing'.  

Should you be a lady or a gentleman abroad on the streets of Sheffield or indeed of London East/Upwest on a Thursday in this the year of 2014 and in search of 'The Most Comfortable Club in Town' you are advised to head towards my stall in Spitalfields Antiques Market where on the aforesaid day of the week between 8am and 3pm I buy and sell 'Vintage Tackle for the Soul' from my stall of ten years standing.   If you are unfortunate you may witness 'Music and Singing', imbibe in over-priced refreshments (market tea) which may be offset against free entrance - CALL AND SEE IF YOU LIKE IT - and THIS evening after the market finishes you will also be able to hear myself and Chris Yates in conversation from 7pm at Rough Trade East in the old Truman Brewery at the launch of his new book 'The Lost Diary'.