Tuesday 24 July 2012

The Great Gatsby meets The Wild Geese Uptown

In kitchens across Arcadia, Elgar is once again on the radiogram, sidearms are in the refridgerator and the Empress is at rehearsals in the Donmar as the clink of milk and pale ale bottles is heard echoing off the tiles of the pantry floor for the first time since last Wednesday morning.  Cats and dogs, whilst standing by their Terrier Beds mourning with heavy paws the passing of Bible John's terrier, Rufus, are again putting things in order and across all districts trumpets are sounded in solemn beauty by the brass section of The June Brides for the following: Their gracious majesties the Port Eliot Festival and in particular Lord and Lady St. Germans, Matt Clayton, Roberta McCaughan, Mary Kirkham and Roo, the saviours of soul known as Caught by the River who are without need of introduction, Jeff Barrett, Andrew Walsh and Robin Turner, the genius and spirit of Mr. Martin Clark, the family that is Rough Trade, the kindness and gentility of the Yorkshire Film Archive, and all those who served in Arcadia during the campaign known as Port Eliot 2012.  At the going down of the sun and the opening of the stage and bar so brilliantly run by Count Carl Goswell and Sambrooks Brewery we shall remember you:  Mr. Will Burns, Mr. Luke Jennings, Mr. Jon Berry, Mr. Mathew Clayton, Mr. Roger Wyndham Barnes,  The Gentle Author, Mr. Tom O'Reilly, Mr. Neil Thomson, Artist-in-Residence Mr. Pete Fowler, Silent Choir Master Sir Bruno Vincent, Mr. Fitch, trawlerman drunk on tea, lost library books found and of course, your good selves.