Wednesday 29 June 2011

Patented British Fishing Reels for the Soul

Found in a box of tackle at Kempton yesterday an S.E. Cooke & Co. 'Duracast' General Purpose Reel, a Patented British Fishing Reel for the Soul dating to the year immediately Post-War, and generally known as 1946.  In that year should you have wished to have purchased a 'Duracast' you could have telephoned Edgware 4883 where you would have been told in clipped tones the '6 reasons why you should purchase a  Duracast'.  In the year 2011 should you wish to purchase one you may telephone me on Arcadia 274 383 where in monotone I will give you one good reason why you should purchase a 'Duracast'.  It is good for the soul.